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Officers serving along with Rev. Davis were Deacon Sam Ham, Deacon George Brown, Deacon Lewis Scott and Deacon Ben Payton. Shortly thereafter, Rev. Davis died after several months of consecrated services.

After the passing of Rev. Davis, Rev. E. W. Williams, a resident of Timmonsville, South Carolina, a great gospel preacher and a member of the Pee Dee Baptist Association, was installed as the second (2nd) pastor of Wayside Chapel Baptist Church. Dedicated officers serving along with Rev. Williams were, Deacon Walter Wright, Deacon Lillian Walker, Deacon Webster Gardner, Deacon Gaddie Brown, Deacon James “Doc” Williams, Deacon James Smith and Deacon Lonnie Grubbs. Rev. Williams served with distinction as pastor of Wayside for twenty eight years.

In 1935, the church building was destroyed by fire and for one year services were held in an old school building that was known as the Florence-Darlington Counties Foster Home.

Once again, the McCall family was instrumental in the plight of the church.
An exchange of property was made for one dollar and the family again donated some materials to build a new building. A new church was completed in 1936 on the site where the present church is now located on Cashua Ferry Road. The Rev. Henry James Backus, a carpenter-preacher was hired to build the frame structure.

In the late 1940’s, after the 28 year pastorate of Rev. Williams, the Rev. Edward Small was elected as the third pastor. However, he passed away after serving for a short period of time.

In 1950, Rev. Nelson McKay, a resident of Mullins, South Carolina was called to the pastorate of Wayside Chapel Baptist Church and served faithfully for ten years. Under Rev. McKay’s administration, many auxiliaries were organized and numerous improvements were made to include the following; inside plumbing, an indoor baptismal pool, new benches for the church and space gas heating. In 1960, upon the instructions of his doctor, Rev. McKay retired. This left the board of deacons with the awesome task of holding the church together until another pastor could be installed. Serving as deacons at this time were Deacon Webster Gardner, Deacon Gaddie Brown, Deacon John Henry Williams, Sr., Deacon Jessie Anderson, Deacon Richard Anderson, Deacon Mannie James, Deacon William Gardner and Deacon Lillian Walker who fell asleep in Christ.

In the annual church meeting of October 1960, the church elected Rev. L.B. Small, Sr., the son of Wayside’s second pastor, Rev. Edward Small, as the church’s fifth pastor. Rev. Small was a resident of Florence, South Carolina. He was a graduate of Morris College with a bachelor of Theology degree. He was a recipient of the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Baltimore College of Bible, Baltimore, Maryland. Rev. Small served as vice moderator of the St. John Baptist Association, second vice moderator of the New Hope union and Executive board chairman of the Sunday School Convention. He was also a member of the South Carolina Baptist Educational and Missionary State Convention and the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.

Rev. Small proved himself an able leader and administrator and was instrumental in the purchase of the church’s first organ in 1962 which enriched the worship service.

In 1968, a new brick church was constructed under Rev. Smalls’ leadership, complete with stained glass memorial windows, a new kitchen equipped with appliances, a new dining area, pastor’s study, church office, multipurpose room, choir room, usher’s room, nursery, new pulpit furniture, a public address system, central air and heat as well as telephones. The building contractors for this project were, Mr. Johnny Brown and Deacon Tom Smoot. The first service in the new facility was held on November 24, 1968.

As the church progressed, numerous organizations were added to include the following; a gospel choir, pulpit aide club, the willing workers auxiliary, spiritual gospel choir, celestial choir, trustee board, and nurse’s guild along with the annual homecoming festivities. On the first Sunday of July 1969, Wayside Chapel Baptist Church became stationed with morning worship services being conducted all four Sundays per month along with worship services on the fifth Sunday with the Union of churches. The communion services were changed from the 2nd Sunday to the 1st Sunday of each month.

In January 1979, for the first time in the history of the church, new church pews complete with cushions were purchased and in 1980, a utility and maintenance building was constructed.

On March 26, 1981, $5000.00 of church funds was invested with Security Savings and Loan Association on a two and one-half year term at an interest rate of 12 percent. This was the first time any such investments were made. The church’s deeds, insurance policies and other important documents were placed in a safe deposit box at Security Savings and Loan Association, Florence South Carolina.

Under Rev. Smalls’ administration the following deacons gave of their services: Deacon William Gardner, Deacon Gaddie Brown, Deacon Webster Gardner, Deacon Jessie Anderson and Deacon Richard Anderson. The oldest living deacons of Wayside Chapel Baptist Church at the time of this writing were Deacon John Henry Williams, Sr., and Deacon Manning James.

A number of deacons were ordained by Rev. Small during his pastorate. They are as follows: Deacon James Brunson, Chairman, Deacon Johnny Brunson, Deacon Tom Smoot, Deacon Sam Anderson, Deacon Leroy Eaddy, Deacon Cornelius Mingo and Deacon Foster Goodman. Also added were members to the Trustee board, Deacon Leroy Eaddy, chairman, Mr. Harold Brewer, Mr. Leroy Durant, Mr. Robert Beauford, Mr. Franklin Walker, Mr. William McLloyd, Deacon Cornelius Mingo, Mr. Commodore Charles, and Mr. Anthony Cruz, Mr. London Eaddy and Mr. George Boatwright.

Under Rev. Smalls’ administration the following ministers were licensed, the Rev. L.B. Small, Jr. who is now ordained and pastor of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in the Jerusalem Association of Williamsburg County, the Rev. J.D. Blue and the Rev. Harold Small, Assistant Ministers at Wayside Chapel Baptist Church.

Mrs. Emma Brown is the official clerk of our church and is charged with the responsibility of keeping an accurate account of all business procedures.


Wayside Chapel Baptist Church History
Recorded as of May 29, 2004


Not since 1981 has the Wayside Baptist Church history been formally continued through writings. In attempt to carry on our legacy, written documentation is necessary. God has allowed us a few of our members from the past to enlighten our hearts and minds with facts and experiences of the past.

About a year after our first writings, the Rev. L. B. Small was called to rest. The grief of the church could not be measured, but we knew that we had to go on. Our deacons began the task of seeking an ordained minister to assume the duty of interim pastor. Rev. Leroy Johnson volunteered his services until the church elected the next pastor. Thank you, Rev. Johnson.

In 1984 Reverend Collins Byrd began his ministerial alliance with Wayside Chapel. It was under his leadership that the implementation of the Deaconess and Missionary accompanying him while delivering Communion to the sick and shut-in was developed. He also helped organize the Male Choir and reorganized the ceremony of the Baby Dedication Service. To enhance the Church structure three (3) acres of land was purchased to extend the parking lot and enlarge the fellowship hall. We were also blessed with a heater for the baptismal pool. During Rev. Byrd’s tenure several men were ordained as deacons: Mack T. Gettis, Sam James, Harold Brewer, Tommy Scott and Franklin Walker. In 1991, Rev. Byrd left Wayside to pursue advancement elsewhere.


After the departure of Rev. Byrd, Wayside’s own Rev. Harold Small, the son of Rev. L.B. Small, assumed the responsibility as interim pastor. Rev. H. Small continued this duty until the church could fulfill its vacancy.

The church family elected Rev. Willie Mashack in 1994. He was licensed and ordained by the St. John Association as the Under-Shepherd of Wayside Baptist Church. His quest for continual growth of himself and the church, led him to enroll and complete an undergraduate degree in Human Services from Limestone College and a Masters Degree in Divinity from the Virginia Union Theological Seminary.


Rev. Mashack’s leadership took us to great strides in restructuring of the church policy, leadership and growth. He led the Wayside family in establishing a Youth Ministry, Van Ministry, Membership Orientation classes, the Metal Organization, the Annual School of Methods and an annual Leadership Conference. Terry Dingle was appointed Youth Minister, Sam James was appointed director of the Van Ministry and Deacon Leroy Eaddy was elected as chairman of Deacons, succeeding Deacon James Brunson, who has served us for more than twenty-five years as a chairman.

In addition to the dedication of the Eva Eaddy Memorial Christian Education Center, we made vast physical improvements to our current structure and purchased 5.5 acres of land. We began plans for a new sanctuary and moved toward a total tithe system for our membership through increasing our faith. The Deacon and Trustee Boards membership increased. New deacons ordained were: Walter McGowan, Ambers Rose and Samuel Orr. Deacon Rose came to us bringing a life-long membership from his former church and humbly agreed to complete the ordination process again. Newly elected trustees were: Robert Gordon, Sam Anderson, Terry Dingle, Marvin Suber, Henry Scott and two women, Edna Woodard and Joyce McElveen.


Terry Dingle was called into the ministry and Deacon Tommy Scott assumed the role of Youth minister. In 2003 Rev. Mashack was called to active duty with the US military. Rev Terry Alexander filled the position of interim pastor and was later elected as pastor of the Wayside Baptist Church.

Under our current leadership of Rev. Terry Alexander, we have continued in our great strides of growth both spiritually and physically. Pastor Alexander teaches that we grow spiritually when we give of ourselves to others. He is a strong believer in spiritual growth, which began with the first Sunday Communion Services being inclusive of our service instead of attached to it. In accordance, he introduced the idea of “Pray for more Prayer”. The Church embraced these ideas and went on a forty (40) day fast during Lent to pray for more of God. In addition all ministries now include prayer, scripture reading and study during their meetings to arm themselves to give and do others while continuing to reach greater heights in spiritual growth. During Rev. Alexander’s administration there have been more cosmetic repair done to the current structure. The plumbing system and the sewer lines have been updated by tapping into the Florence utilities. Our bookkeeping practices have been updated and improved with the upgrade of our technology system. In his words, “We have to take care of what God has already given us so we will be blessed with something else”.

The Church has begun to formulate by-laws and are reviewing and updating our membership roster. The Church continues to grow under Rev. Alexander through the increasing membership as well as accepting the transfer ordination of Deacon Alford Daniels from his former church to Wayside, thus adding him to our Deacon Board.

In conclusion, based on the name from its inception, Wayside seems to have been designed to offer refuge to the wary travelers seeking salvation in this area. Wayside’s loving and warm method of worship reaches out to the community and extends hope to travelers by lifting up Christ and sharing the gospel to all in need of physical and spiritual wellness. Its ministries claim, nurture and through Christ, produce thriving, flourishing members, who continue to be nurtures for this community and in various portions of the world. As our pastor always says,

“Thanks God and So It Is”.


Last Published: May 23, 2012 1:46 PM
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